Audacity to Shine Vol 2:

Phenomenal Women Soaring in Faith, Relationships, and Finances

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The Book Project

I am C Nicole Henderson, Best Selling Author, Nonprofit Consultant, Clarity Coach, Speaker, and Publisher.  I know how it feels when the years pass by, and you wonder if you will ever complete the things that are dear to your heart. You have goals, hopes, and dreams that are unmet. Your wait is over….

I started IViiii Media & Publishing create wonderful stories and help my clients become amazing storytellers. I am called to equip others and assist in expanding their visions and dreams and bring them into reality. Your story (testimony) is not meant to be kept silent but shared to others for them to heal, grow, learn, and soar.  

The book collaboration project is the second book project under IViiii Media & Publishing Inc. I have been involved in two other successful book collaborations and Best Sellers list.  We were on the Best Sellers List #6; Steve Harvey was #4.  

Seeking 8-12 women to become a Co-Author for the Audacity to Shine Book Vol 2 Collaboration. 


Share Your Story

  • Have you gone through “wins” in your life and thought about sharing your story with others?

  • Perhaps you were once at a low place, but now you live victoriously?

  • And you’ve turned your pain into purpose…then to profits

  • Do you want to motivate, inspire, and empower others with your message?

  • Have you been able to turn “tragedy into triumph” in your life?

  • You may have failed in business or relationships, but now have a success story for others to learn.

  • Have you ever felt like you had a “story” inside and wanted to write a book but felt you were not “ready” and need help?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above,

I have an opportunity for you. 

Apply now to hold your spot in the book project because of limited number.

Please apply using the link below.

Click Here for Project Page for more details


Audacity To Shine

Insider Tips

Can’t miss the first book? 

You might have been going through difficulties in your life and are now ready to get motivated, inspired, and empowered to live victoriously. You have now started to let go of past issues, failures, disappointments, and the pain of being victimized. It’s not by chance you have come across the Audacity to Shine Book 2.  To make sure you have not missed anything, grab a copy of Audacity to Shine Book 1!